Management Services

The Philosophy of Buchanan Group Inc.

As an independent, family-owned business, Buchanan Group can tailor a program to fit your specific needs. We do not mandate a predetermined program, but instead, offer a cafeteria-style group of services for the client to choose from. We seek out a win/win opportunity for both parties.

Buchanan Group services include:

  • Buchanan Administrative Services
  • Audit Preparation
  • Accounts Payable/ Receivables
  • Budgeting
  • Human Resources
  • IT Services

An overall management agreement can be developed where we assume responsibility for all expenses, receive all revenues and pay the client/owner a percentage of the revenues. In reverse, we can receive a percentage of revenues as a management fee and maintain your employees as they are today. These options are appropriate for absentee owners, heirs, semi-retired owners or non-profit companies lacking management expertise.

In either instance, the entire programming will be mutually developed to meet the specific needs of your business. When the relationship is established the client can benefit from a myriad of advantages of being affiliated with a larger group. Our volume discounts and/or specific expertise can be brought to your organization. This is obtained while you retain ownership or control of your corporation.

Buchanan Group can also consult with your business on project basis. This approach has proven popular for newly acquired businesses.

What sets us apart


The Buchanan family has owned and managed funeral homes for over 140years. Our involvement with cemeteries goes back over 100 years. This blending of funeral and cemetery expertise distinguishes Buchanan Group from other specialized companies. We have served thousands of families with dignity at the highest level of service possible.

Our management team consists of highly-trained professionals with experience both inside and outside of the death care industry. This blend offers fresh insights with top-notch professionalism. Our goal is to provide solid financial results in a framework of service.


Our philosophy is to be the leader in the markets we serve. As consumer habits and population trends change, we find ways to meet the challenge. Our eye is always on what is happening nationally, evaluating how new trends might have local impact.


In a competitive environment it is critical that your services stand out above the rest. Our sister company, Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Centers, has been an innovator since the beginning when Frank Flanner became the first licensed embalmer in Indiana. They were the first to build a crematory, develop a combination, and offer community rooms in their funeral centers. Innovation is a process that never stops.


In business you are only as good as your name. The Buchanan name stands for quality, trust, service and integrity.