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Buchanan Group's corporate headquarters is located on the near east side of downtown Indianapolis. This campus houses our management services staff, executive offices, our Private LabelTM casket showroom, plus Millennium Memorials' new state-of-the-art production facility.

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Buchanan Group Inc.

 Community - Commitment - Compassion

Our Mission: 

To bring forward-thinking management practices
and new buying power 
to your business.

We understand the evolving death care market and are constantly
ing for new ways to meet the ceremonial needs of the public.
How can we partner with you to make your business more successful?


 Buchanan Group owns Private Label™ caskets, Fewell Monument Company and Millennium Memorials.

Buchanan Group is part of the Cole-Noble District of downtown Indianapolis.

Cole Noble District




600 E. Ohio Street • Indianapolis, IN 46202 • 317-899-7125