Meet the Staff

Bruce Buchanan

Owner – Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Centers / Owner – Buchanan Group, Inc.

Bruce Buchanan, the fourth-generation owner of this family-held business, is CEO of Buchanan Group. “Our industry’s future hinges on an ability to blend strategic planning with progressive management and marketing practices”. He spent twenty years in visual communications before joining the company full time in 1996. He holds a BA degree in Political Science from Indiana University and a MS degree in Journalism from Ohio University. Bruce is active in both civic and arts groups in Indianapolis.

Tony Lloyd

MBA, President/COO

Tony joined the company in 1998, with a broad healthcare management and service background specializing in multi-location regional operations. He has expertise in finance and budgeting, administration, and operations. He achieves results through strategic planning and successful team building techniques. “We are experiencing substantial client preference changes and will for the foreseeable future. Our responsibility is to be ahead of the curve and exceed the client and visitor expectations.” Tony received his BSBA and MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.


Carlos Figueroa

Vice President/CFO, Manager – Private Label and Millennium Memorials

Carlos joined the company in September 1998 and is responsible for client accounting operations, corporate finance, and management information systems. He brings twenty years international experience in finance and administration with large, multi-company corporations. He earned his Masters degree in Accounting from Long Island University in 1987. Carlos is experienced managing large functions and achieves maximum efficiencies and productivity through empowerment of staff to identify and pursue ongoing process improvement.


Maureen Lindley

Vice President of Marketing

Maureen joined the company in 2008, with a background in training and development with an international organization as well as experience in the health insurance industry. Her expertise is in relationship building and developing community and corporate partnerships that help to expand the market share of the company. She understands that the success of the company is largely based on the ability to meet the changing needs of today’s clients. She is originally from New Albany, IN and graduated from Ball State with a BS in Public Relations and an MA in Corporate Training and Development.

Ted Mau

Senior Vice President/CAO, Secretary/Treasurer – Washington Park Cemetery Association, Inc.

Ted first joined the company in 1989 with Washington Park Services, Inc. whichbuilt the first cemetery/funeral combination in Marion County. He is responsible for all administrative systems for the Buchanan Group associated companies, and oversees human resources, cemetery accounting and investment management. Ted has worked in the accounting and management areas for 30 years after obtaining an undergraduate degree in accounting from Indiana University. He received his CPA designation in 1989 and received an MBA from Butler University in 2000, is the Chairman of the Indiana State Board of Funeral and Cemetery Service, President of the Indiana Cemetery Association, Trustee of Martin University and a member of the Indianapolis Salvation Army Advisory Board.